joi, aprilie 11, 2024
Sentor Diana Iovanovici Sosoaca
,,Un popor unit nu poate fi învins!"
Senator - Diana Iovanovici Șoșoacă
joi, aprilie 11, 2024
joi, aprilie 11, 2024

Press release concerning the diffamation campaign
against Senator Diana Iovanovici-Şoşoacă
I will not be scared with delations from prison and dirty political attacks

by S.O.S. România
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The fact that international media has turned into news the elucubrations of some arested brothers shows the despicable level reached by the diffamation attempts and dirty political attacks against me. What bothered those who ordered this attack: my political statements asking for peace in Ukraine, the revelations I made in Romanian Senat about the earthquake caused by USA in Turkey, which were quoted by the independent media all around the world, or the warning about the way the Romanian state sold out the Danube Delta to make room for the dubious affairs of Ukraine!

If prisons have become sources of information for international mainstream media, I ask those interested to walk from cell to cell and then to transmit in prime time what the rapists and robbers say about politicians and to debate on this topic with the most influential opinion leaders.

I have no doubt that these “wiretapped calls” were commissioned to attack me and discredit my message! Will these attacks make the war in which Ukraine draws all of the world less dangerous, or will they justify the fact that the Romanian authorities sold the Danube Delta to the Ukrainians?

And yes, how good it would be for the country sellers if, instead of talking about Bâstroe, about the biggest national betrayal in recent years, they would talk about Diana Şoşoacă, so that Romanians would forget how their country is being stolen from under their feet! The same way, the international mainstream media is trying te make me look guilty by association – an old and classic formula of manipulation – only to cover up the traces of my political statement about who provoked the earthquake in Turkey.

If the pitiful conductors of this press campaign against me think they could scare me with cheap inventions, they are very wrong. I will continue to fight for truth and justice and nothing will stop me finding and speaking out and loud the truth about the crisis of our world.

Senator Diana Iovanovici-Şoşoacă
President of SOS Romania Party
1st march 2023, Bucharest

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